Mattress Protector With Non-Woven Backing

Mattress Protector With Non-Woven Backing

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Keep your sleep environment clean and fresh with Ray Star Mattress Protector. Waterproof but also breathable, this mattress protector adds an extra layer of preservation, keeping your mattress free from liquids, stains, and other bacteria. The non-woven backing with elastic edging all around makes sure the mattress protector stays in place and quickly removable. Not only does the mattress protector adds years to the life of your mattress, but also provides a cozy space for your better night's sleep.


Material: PE/ Non-woven Fabric
Reversible: No
Machine Washable: No


Product Type Mattress Protector
Material PE/ Non-woven Fabric
Shape Rectangular
Construction Machine-Made
Number of Pieces 1
Water Resistant Yes

Weights & Dimensions

Length(in.) 75/78/80
Width(in.) 35.5/54/60/78
Height (in.) 12
Weight(.lb) 0.67/0.88/0.96/1.22